BodFood - Born after burnout

Linda Ireland, Founder of BodFood

Suffering from chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions, BodFood founder Linda Ireland ditched everything with potential hormone-disrupting chemicals in an effort to heal.

“Don’t put on your body what you wouldn’t put in your body.”

Due to her successful, but highly demanding past career as the director of a mortgage brokerage on the Sunshine Coast, Linda’s success came at a price: burnout.

Determined to heal herself and help other women like her, she developed her first and best selling natural dry shampoo formula with an Australian chemist. After receiving glowing feedback from focus groups, it prompted her to start the company and eventually bring 12 products to market.

Vitamins, Superfoods & Magic 

Driven by a desire to provide affordable natural hair care full of organic ingredients that outperform non-natural formulations, BodFood products are packed full of vitamins, superfoods and even crystals that nourish and heal your hair.

Developed on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Linda created each product to help protect and nourish hair exposed to the Australian way of life: salt, sun and UV.

BodFood’s products help women heal both physically and mentally. BodFood contributes to the world in a positive way, not only with its natural ingredients but by promoting health overall and supporting sustainability with ethical, vegan-friendly formulations.

BodFood’s mission is to make clean products more accessible and the industry standard. People with sensitivities shouldn’t be the exception. Our products make sure every ingredient benefits not just your hair, but your overall health.

You can tick all of the green, sustainable, and quality ingredient boxes. BodFood is full of love and:

  • Naturally derived and organic ingredients 
  • Environmentally conscious practices
  • Australian-made
  • Women-owned
  • Crazy effective
  • Sustainable
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% vegan
  • Sulphate and paraben-free

 We know you will enjoy our products as much as we have loved making them for you. 

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