Winter Hair Care: Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy & Hydrated

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Brrrrrr! The cold has officially taken root (no pun intended) and it’s time to bundle up, snuggle by the fire sipping hot cocoa and plan your big trip to the snow. 

Just because you’re not outside in the sun and surf doesn’t mean it’s time to let the hair care slip. 

In fact, during the cold months, you tend to dry your hair out more than in summer. 

During winter the air tends to lose a lot of the humidity that helps keep our hair and skin moisturised during the warmer months. With this dryness and the addition of extra heat sources which also create more dry hot air, we can lose some serious hydration. 

Here are five ways to keep your hair healthy and hydrated during the winter and avoid split ends, frizz and brittleness.


1. Wash with Cold Water

In winter, we tend to turn the shower up to maximum heat. While it feels good, the hotter water opens up the hair cuticle. The problem doesn’t end here. It kicks off when we leave the shower and our hair cuticles stay open from more heat through hair drying and the hot, dry heated air in our homes. Due to the lack of humidity, our hair is losing more moisture during the winter, and combined with the additional heat sources, creating a perfect hydration-losing storm.

The best way to moisturise the hair during the shower is to use hot water while shampooing and adding conditioner. If you’re into Wim Hof, you’ll love this next step—if not, you’ll convert. The best way to lock in the moisture is to rinse the conditioner with cold water to close the cuticle. Washing with cold water seals in the moisture from the conditioner preventing frizz and split ends. It’s worth it, trust us! Wink wink. 

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2. Hair Mask Slugging

You may have heard about the K-Beauty trend called face slugging, well you can do that with hair too. Just like the skin trend, all you need is a hydrating hair mask and a beautiful head wrap, which can be a scarf or simply a shower cap. Apply the hair mask to clean, dry hair and wrap it up into a bun. Sleep in it and when you wake up in the morning, all you need to do is rinse and style your beautifully moisturised hair. It’s easier to sleep with a little cap on in the winter because not only does it keep your hair safe, but it also keeps you warm. 

Formulated to deliver intense hydration with superfood quinoa, a nourishing blend of argan and olive oils and native Australian botanical extracts, our hair mask is tailored to deeply penetrate your hair follicles to repair breakage, and split ends and moisturise your hair.

The advanced repair and hydration technology deeply conditions your hair whilst enhancing strength and elasticity. These powerful superfoods and botanicals target and hydrate from the cuticle to the tip targeting the driest areas and instantly locking in moisture where your hair needs it the most. And the best part—it all happens while you sleep!

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3. Skip Washes

One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy and hydrated is to skip washing every day—and to avoid that cold water rinse! 

BodFood Dry Shampoo is specially formulated to help you skip the shower for as long as you want. Our organic, rose quartz-infused, spray-free dry shampoo boosts volume, texture and hair health to create an elegant and effortless style. 

Using a special blend of natural-plant based powders combined with aloe vera to provide hydration, this is the one product you just can’t live without. The best part is that it smells like summer in a bottle with delicate notes of sandalwood, citrus, and herbs.

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4. Pump It

But just because you skip the daily clean, don’t skip the serum. Serum can be applied to wet or dry hair whenever you need a moisture boost. 

Our hair serum is made to transform dry, damaged or dull hair into shiny, silky locks. Enriched with the powerful antioxidant vitamin E and hydrating argan and macadamia oil, our hair serum delivers immediate shine and manageability, providing long term protection and conditioning without residue. 

Argan oil is a super nutrient as it moisturises and conditions both the scalp and the hair follicles. The oleic acid, linoleic acid and squalane in the oil replenish and hydrate the hair preventing frizz, boosting shine and elasticity while protecting the hair against damage from pollution and heat styling. 

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5. Hair Dry on Cool 

And lastly, if you have to, if you really, really have to, then the next time you need to dry and style, opt for the cool setting instead. 

If you don’t have a dryer with a cool option, we recommend that you get out and grab one ASAP. Your hair deserves it. Your hair especially deserves our Ultimate Moisture Power Pack which has all the ingredients you need to keep your hair healthy, hydrated and luscious all winter long. And protect it from heated styling if you really must. 

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And remember, all BodFood products are: 

  • Naturally derived and organic 
  • Environmentally conscious 
  • Australian-made
  • Women-owned
  • Crazy effective
  • Sustainable
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% vegan
  • Sulphate and paraben-free

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