The rise of the natural hair care movement

Natural Hair Care with Organic Ingredients

There is an emerging trend in hair care right now and we could not be happier!

 More and more people are choosing to switch from their synthetic, chemical-formulated and often toxic hair care products in favour of naturally derived, toxic-free products.

In Australia, we are seeing this trend (that we hope becomes just the new way of life) really take hold in major capital cities like Melbourne and Sydney, and gradually starting to boom in many other areas now too. This is partly due to companies like ours that recognise both consumers' needs and the market's gap.

Up until now, unfortunately, most natural products met the requirements of natural, vegan, organic, toxic-free, etc. however delivered less than desirable results which then pushed consumers back to their regular synthetic formulations to keep their hair looking and feeling its best. We understand; we were those women too!

Fast forward to 2022, however, and we are discovering many more natural extracts, natural preservatives, surfactants and emulsifiers that can perform to professional salon quality standards and deliver exceptional results without compromising your health.

Costs of these substitutes can most definitely be a factor here, as these types of ingredients often do come at a higher cost; for example, using aloe vera as the main ingredient rather than water and choosing a naturally derived surfactant can cost more than a chemical derivative.

This is, unfortunately, why so many companies choose the latter.

At BodFood, however, we feel that our health and the health of the global community are something that you cannot put a price on and that the desire for beautiful hair is something we most definitely should not have to sacrifice our health for. This is our driving force, the fire in our belly to keep us refining and creating products that are not only the cleanest and most effective on the market but that are affordable too!

We no longer want to read of the rise in autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, hormonal issues, and infertility which can all be the sad by-products of toxic chemical exposure.

We want better, we can do better, and we are creating better!

Another incredible movement within this industry is the sustainability movement, and one particular innovation we love is the invention of Hair Booms - an innovative product designed to clean up oil spills along our coastlines.

Made by using the hair that has been swept up from salon floors, 62,247kg so far, in fact! How amazing is that? You can read more about that by visiting

So, are you ahead of this movement? Are you, as a consumer, actively looking for alternatives? And if you are a retailer or salon owner, are you looking to offer your precious clients a healthier way of looking after their hair whilst still delivering exceptional results?

If so, reach out; we have the solution for you and are looking at partnering with retailers and salons with the same goal; this will only help us create the products that you and your clients are looking for at no cost to our health.

Yours in health and well-being,

Heather and Linda x

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