Rose Quartz in your hair care! Why?

Rose Quartz in Hair Care

Rose quartz is said to be a powerful amplifier of the energy of love with its ability to help to amplify positive energy and bring balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Rose Quartz, the stone of Unconditional Love. 

Whilst creating our BodFood range, we wanted to add something really unique and special for our customers, and because we have always had a love and connection with crystals, this was the obvious choice.

Rose Quartz is such a powerful crystal; it offers beautiful vibrations of love and helps guide you to deepen relationships, embrace kindness, compassion and love towards yourself and others.

So, when thinking of adding these beautiful chips to our products, we envisioned these powerful, loving vibrations emanating through your homes, through your crown, and over your entire being. Through the stores and salons that carry our products, to the staff that lovingly manufacture and pack them to ship them to you, through the truck that transports them, and even for the postman that delivers them to your door!

Do you see what we are hoping to do here, raise the vibration of LOVE across the whole country, the whole world even!

We know that you will agree with us when we say that, what the planet needs right now is a deep saturation of LOVE.

Unfortunately, over the last few years in particular, we as an entire planet have experienced heartbreaking loss and devastating division, this was of course at the forefront of our mind when choosing to add this magical addition to our products. Even for those that do not believe in the magic and healing of these incredible, ancient gemstones, it is our intentions for them when placing them into our products that make all the difference.


You will find Rose Quartz in 2 of our products, the Organic Dry Shampoo and the Organic Voluminous Sea Salt Spray and one question that we get asked a lot is how do you crush them up to get them in there?

We don't.

They are in the beautiful form of ethically sourced rose quartz chips. So when you finally get to the bottom of these incredible products you can open them up and tip the chips into your hand and keep them forever!

We love to imagine all the people they have weaved their magic on before they got to you!

How fabulous, right?

So there you have it, the big, beautiful 'why' behind our rose quartz.

Sending you all the same unconditional love and deep gratitude for joining us on this playful adventure.

Yours in health, well-being and LOVE,

Heather and Linda xx

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