What goes into creating a new product range?

100% vegan hair care range Australia

Here at BodFood, we are deep in the research and development process as we are preparing to launch a brand-new product range!

And as we are all about transparency, honesty and integrity, we thought we would share the journey with you.

So, what does it take to launch a product range?

First, we start by assessing our current range, pulling it apart to see what we can improve on; this is also determined by your feedback, market research and our desire to create the cleanest, most effective haircare on the planet.

Then we head down the ingredients rabbit hole, comparing, researching, analysing, and trialling...this part is always completed under the expert guidance of the best cosmetic pharmacists while standing firm in our values...which we know sometimes can drive them mad! No apologies there; it's your health (and great hair) we are fighting for!

We then start to put it all together, just the base formulations to begin with...you have to get the foundations right before moving on!

Once we are happy with this, we can start choosing the extracts, the natural goodness, and the key ingredients that have a massive impact on your scalp health, hair follicle health, and overall health!

We aim to use organic ingredients where possible and love Australian botanicals, so these are some of our favourites.

And finally, on the formulations side of things, there is the all-important scent; we booked a scent consultation with Blushing Ivy; this was informative and enabled us to match our vision for the range with the best scent possible. After all, the smell is one of the most powerful things to evoke feelings and memories!

We can all link a scent to a favourite memory, right? 

Time to put it all together and cross our fingers that we have done it right! Then we test, first on ourselves and then within formal focus groups. It is so important to get honest feedback from many different people with varied hair types. We test and adjust, test and adjust, and so on until it's perfect!

And we cannot forget that while all this is going on, we are madly sourcing sustainable packaging, designing labels assuring that we are adhering to current labelling guidelines, brainstorming individual product names and the full range name, product pricing, preparing a launch campaign, plus many more tiny steps that need to be done to complete the puzzle of product development.

So, there you have it, in as few words as possible, that is the process of creating a new product line.

We cannot wait to show you the finished product as again, so much time, love and intention have gone into this new BodFood creation, and we want you to love it as much as we do!

Here is to an abundance of health, happiness and

fabulous hair!

Linda and Heather xx

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