Help! My hair is falling out!

Natural hair care for hair loss

Are you noticing strands of hair falling out in the shower, gathering around the drain? Or if, like me, your partner sees it all over the bathroom floor and the vacuum cleaner too?

Firstly, don't panic; it is not always cause for alarm, and stressing about it can often make it worse!

Did you know that the average woman can lose 50 to 100 hairs daily?

Our hair, like our skin, goes through cycles of shedding, which is entirely natural, we lose strands, and then there is new growth, softer baby-like hair most noticeable around the forehead and sides of your head; this is where shedding is different from hair loss.

Hair loss, if in significant amounts, can be concerning; however, this can also be linked to stages in your life and cycles like pregnancy, hormonal changes, and menopause or can be quite severe during times of intense stress and in more extreme cases can be linked to autoimmune diseases such as alopecia.

If this is the case for you, please see your trusted health professional for expert advice.

There are several areas of your life that you can start to look into to prevent hair loss and boost new hair growth. We suggest you start here:

Stress - Unfortunately, at times in our lives, this is unavoidable and then (I speak from experience that when you notice your hair thinning, you begin to stress even more!) However, there are daily practices that we encourage you to adopt that, even during these times of stress, can help you reduce your production of cortisol (stress hormone) and regain a bit of calm in your life.

Meditation- this doesn't have to be long; even just 5 minutes of deep, intentional breathing and stillness can reduce your stress levels significantly.

Deep Breathing- Set a timer every hour to remind you to take five deep belly breaths. Walking- get out in nature and walk for as long as you have time. Don't rush; just be.

Nutrition - Look at your overall nutrition, are you drinking enough water? Water is essential for hair growth! Are you getting good fats and oils into your diet, fruit and vegetables?

A balance of everything is key.

Chemical Exposure: Personal care products, in particular, carry an incredible amount of toxins that, unfortunately, over time are absorbed into our bodies, and of course, those that are placed straight on your head have a massive impact on the health of your scalp and thus the health of your hair!

Switching to toxic-free products can be challenging as most are not made to perform the way your salon quality products do; this is precisely why we created BodFood! Our range is natural, toxic-free, and formulated to a professional, high-performance standard!

Our Voluminous range, in particular, is excellent for thinning hair and is designed with a unique blend of rice protein, ginseng and rosemary to infuse volume directly into your hair cuticle to generate hair growth, shine and fullness.

You are not alone in this; chat with your hairdresser about your hair; if you have a regular hairdresser, they know your hair and can advise you.

However, if you are concerned, please reach out to your trusted health care provider!

Yours in Health and Wellbeing, Heather 


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