The importance of a loving, regular self care routine

Hair care and self care

Self-care certainly looks different to us all; however, regardless of what your particular routine looks like, it is important to schedule it into your week just as you would with any other appointment.

Too often, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and we put ourselves and our care and love of ourselves at the bottom of the pile. This can lead to all sorts of issues, burnout, resentfulness towards others around us, and just generally not feeling loved.


We must remember that we cannot pour from an empty cup; when we are full and loved and cared for, we can better care for those around us. What do they tell you on a plane... "you must put your oxygen mask on first".


So, what does it look like? How often 'should' I do this?


Again, it will differ for everyone. You may be single with a part-time job, five kids, and a full-time business. So just pick a time and space that gives you a little break away from the world to nurture you and your body.


By Heather Edwards


Here's what some self-care time looks like for me, a single mum with two kids and a full-time job.


Every fortnight on a Sunday night, I run a bath, light my favourite Blushing Ivy candle and pour a glass of wine.

I turn on a relaxing playlist, line up all the products I want to use, and lock the door!


First, I soak for a while to get my skin nice and supple.


  • I start with the BodFood Nourishing Hydration Mask in my hair; I wrap it in a small head wrap for the whole time I am in the bath.
  • I love to do a body scrub next all over my body and face; my favourite is Franks Coffee Body Scrub, I wash this off, and I can then enjoy all the beautiful oils that lay in the bath afterwards.
  • Now my face is primed and ready for a beautiful mask; my favourite one in the winter is The Body Shops warming mineral mask. I apply this all the way down to my chest as our decolletage is an area that we can often forget, and it is exposed to the sun quite often, so it can age quicker than our faces.
  • Now I close my eyes and sink into the bath for 10 minutes.
  • Once the mask is ready to be washed off, I carefully rinse it, and I am done.
  • I either leave my hair mask in overnight or pop it into the shower for 5 minutes and wash it off with clean water.
  • My final step is to cover my whole body and face with BodFoods Nourishing Face and Body Balm.


And that's it; I am all finished in under one hour!

Of course, at times, I read a book or just swan around for a little longer, depending

on the week I have had and how organised I am for the

next week, however, I have honoured myself and my body

with some me time and am ready to take on the world!


I hope you can schedule some delicious self-care time

this week too!

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