Natural, vegan hair care

If like us, you are troubled to discover that you are potentially exposed to up to more than 100 chemicals from your personal care products before you even leave your home in the morning, you are certainly not alone.

The rise of toxic-free products is upon us, and we couldn't be happier!


BodFood founder Linda Ireland went on a mission to heal herself from several autoimmune diseases and was astonished to discover that so many of her regular personal care products contained potential hormone-disrupting chemicals.


Toxic chemicals in personal care products can play havoc with both your health and the environment. Many are known carcinogens and can contribute to endocrine disruption, fertility issues, autoimmune diseases, and even higher risks of miscarriage and much more.

Environmentally these chemicals enter our waterways via our drains, evaporating and transferring into our oceans and river systems. Humans, livestock, and marine life are all affected by exposure to these harmful chemicals.


However, we get you; we understand that you have tried so many natural products. Unfortunately, they just don't perform like the 'professional, salon quality, upmarket' brands, so you risk your health and think ", well, it's just one or two of my products that contain these chemicals; surely it can't hurt too much."


Unfortunately, it can, as these toxins build up in your system, eventually causing your system distress.


Again, this is where BodFood is different. Linda experienced the same frustration of trying every product available to treat her waist-length blonde hair and found nothing would perform the same as her previous salon she created her own!


Partnering with one of Australia's top chemists who specializes in salon-quality hair care, Linda began a mission that would span over four years of creating, testing, recreating, and more testing to settle on today's formulation that we are so proud to say has NO endocrine-disrupting chemicals and performs equal to that of top quality professional salon brands.


So much love and careful attention has been put into every product we have made. We use quality ingredients, sustainably sourced crystals and essential oils, so not only will you love the feel, smell and effect BodFood will have on your hair, but you will also experience the high vibrations that can only come from an ethically positive company.


We know you will enjoy our products as much as we have loved making them for you.


By Heather Edwrads

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