The Rise of Voluminous Hair

Natural sea salt spray

Voluminous hair is on-trend right now, and if you’re like me and have silky thin hair, the only time you’ll see a whisper of volume is after a long day at the beach with salty dry hair. 

The only downside to beachy hair is that it can seriously dry out your locks. Using a voluminous Sea Salt spray is a great alternative and accessible in your home every day regardless of the beach conditions. 

What is Voluminous Sea Salt Spray? 

A good quality sea salt spray will add volume, body and texture to your hair, no matter what type of hair you have. It works wonders on fine, straight hair right through to thick wavy hair. Essentially it will enhance your natural curl, and if you don’t have naturally thick hair, it will give your hair volumes for days! 

Does it work on curly, frizzy hair? 

Voluminous sea salt spray can do wonders to tame your curls and reduce frizz. When BodFood tested, it’s Voluminous Sea Salt Spray on a focus group, the girls with curls were beside themselves. Having tried similar products before, the Sea Salt Spray managed to get full marks for its ability to tame the frizz, set luscious curls and give an effortlessly styled look. 

How to use Volininuous Sea Salt Spray

You can apply your Voluminous sea salt spray to dry or damp hair, but if you asked us here at BodFood HQ we’d tell you we think it works best on unwashed hair! This is because the products binds to your hair more quickly. 

If you are applying the product to damp hair, towel dry your hair off as much as possible, and then after applying the product, you can go ahead and blow-dry your hair.

You can also let your hair air dry with the product in to give you that effortless, beach wave look. 

You can apply the product to the top of your hair for volume up top, in the length of your hair to build out your volume or through your whole hair, especially if you have curls. 

Styling tips

Your Voluminous sea salt spray will add volume and style to your braids, buns, plaits or all over to give your hair that natural “undone” look. 

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