Parabens  and Sulfates

Parabens and Sulfates

12 days ago
Paraben and Sulfates are two of the dirtiest words when it comes to personal care ingredients. F...
Natural Dry Shampoo Australia

Dry Shampoo product recalls and what you need to know.

Many well-known Dry Shampoo brands are being recalled, and consumers are understandably concern...
Algae Sea Minerals Hair Care Range

Algae Sea Minerals for scalp and hair health.

As we prepare to launch Australia's first Algae Sea Minerals Hair and Body Care range, we though...
Natural Hair Care Company Turns One

BodFood Turns One. A message from Linda XO

As another lap around the sun completes, it's often a time of deep reflection for many of us. I ...
Cruelty Free, 100% Vegan Hair Care

Why Vegan Hair Care?

Vegan hair care and why we should all make the switch? Vegan hair care is becoming increasingl...
Clean, non toxic hair care

A healthy way to feed your skin

If we're considering what we put in our bodies, are we also considering what we put on our bodi...
Natural Hair Care with Organic Ingredients

The rise of the natural hair care movement

There is an emerging trend in hair care right now and we could not be happier!  More and more pe...
Rose Quartz in Hair Care

Rose Quartz in your hair care! Why?

Rose quartz is said to be a powerful amplifier of the energy of love with its ability to help to...
100% vegan hair care range Australia

What goes into creating a new product range?

Here at BodFood, we are deep in the research and development process as we are preparing to laun...
Natural hair care for hair loss

Help! My hair is falling out!

Are you noticing strands of hair falling out in the shower, gathering around the drain? Or if, like me, your partner sees it all over the bathroom floor and the vacuum cleaner too?

Firstly, don't panic; it is not always cause for alarm, and stressing about it can often make it worse!

Did you know that the average woman can lose 50 to 100 hairs daily?

Hair care and self care

The importance of a loving, regular self care routine

Self-care certainly looks different to us all; however, regardless of what your particular routi...
Natural, vegan hair care


If like us, you are troubled to discover that you are potentially exposed to up to more than 100...
Blonde, purple shampoo with natural and organic ingredients

I'm blonde, why do I need purple products?

Whether you are a natural blonde or a chemically treated blonde, you know that your hair require...
Linda Ireland, Founder of BodFood

BodFood - Born after burnout

Suffering from chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions, BodFood founder Linda Ireland ditched ...
Caring for long hair with natural and organic hair care

Winter Hair Care: Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy & Hydrated

Just because you’re not outside in the sun and surf doesn’t mean it’s time to let the hair care slip. In fact, during the cold months, you tend to dry your hair out more than in summer. 

BodFood natural haircare

Guided Ocean Meditation

Join us for our weekly meditation theme and be part of our wider meditation community. ⠀ Follow...
Sun gazing over the ocean

Sun Gazing

Sun Gazing has been around for thousands and thousands of years. More recently, even NASA confin...
Natural sea salt spray

The Rise of Voluminous Hair

Voluminous hair is on-trend right now, and if you’re like me and have silky thin hair, the only t...
Natural dry shampoo and sea salt spray with natural and organic ingredients

How to get the most out of your Dry Shampoo and Voluminous Sea Salt Spray combination

Our founder, Linda, has long blonde hair to her waist. Linda has a very active lifestyle; she wei...